6 Tips for Wedding Seating Arrangements

Aunt Lizzy wants to sit near Aunt Fran and Bob wants to chat with Joe and you need to make sure everyone gets a chance to be near the people they want to sit with. NOT an easy task, but this is how you will make your guests happy and comfortable.  Here are 7 tips for what to consider when making your table and seating plans.


1 Go through your list and see who the buddies are outside of family lines.  You know Aunt Fran and Lizzy love each other but they are from different sections of the family . THAT'S OK ! its more important to sit people with who they like rather than putting all the Aunt and Uncles at a table marked "Aunts and Uncles"


2.  If you invite kids you can put kids at a table by themselves  near a table  of parents nearby if they are old enough (over 5). Not near the center of the room where they can trip dancers and food servers.  In the back corner usually works great and keeps them contained :) It also helps the kids get to know each other, have more fun, and they will fidigit less.  Providing a coloring book or a cool gadget in a gift bag on their table to keep them occupied as well.


3 If anyone is disabled or Ill it will be best to put their table near the door and not across the room in a corner.   Make it easier for them to enter and exit the room if needed and also is easier for them to maneuver through a crowd if they are near a door.


4 Put your youngest and biggest partyers near the bandstand and your guests more sensitive to music in the far end of the room.   I cannot tell you how many times we see the grandparents in front of the band and the younger guests in the back of the room no where near the dance floor.  


5 Make sure everything is symmetrical.  Don't put the band in a corner, or the Bride and Groom, or Bridal party table across an empty space where people feel uncomfortable to approach you and you feel disconnected from your guests.   The room layout is important for your comfort and ease while moving through the room to chat with your guests.   A riser is not always necessary or a good idea for the band or bridal party.  If you have a very large room then it IS a good idea, but otherwise keep it intimate, the overall energy of the party will thank you. 


6. Food service, Buffets...Don't put a buffet with stations on opposite ends of a room with tables in the middle and make people carry plates across the floor.  Proper design of a buffet is CRITICAL to the event success and overall elegance.   I have seen may times the carving station is on the right and the potatoes are on the left and people wait in line twice and then the food is cold.   Also saw a woman on crutches waiting on line with her plate.   See what provisions you can make to avoid any kind of lines at a wedding, No one likes lines!


There are many things to consider with regard to the layout of the room and lighting. I will address this in a future blog post, but I will mention here that it is important to set a tone with the seating and the room design.  Not even so much the decor,  lights and candles do SO much.   the LAYOUT is way more critical to success! 


If you have any questions of comments feel free to reach me here!  Thank you

April Kelly

Katie Kerins