Band or DJ What really is best for you? and then what?

This Blog post can probably be 50 pages long, but I will try to narrow it down to some key points to help people know the true difference and similarities between the two, and what to do once you decide.   Aside from looking at web sites, videos, and advertisements, what do you do?

Is it live or is it memorex?

Put simply if you went to a concert and saw someone behind a table DJing tunes or a band living the music the choice is clear. So what does that mean for your event and how do you even find a great band that suits your style and the style of your party? There are good and bad bands just as well as good and bad DJs.  The "live "effect of a band is a big deal at a formal event,  each segment is carried out with a live soundtrack that adds sophistication, elegance, as well as a whole lot of excitement to any event and a good band will be one of the most impressive parts of your event. Most DJs also now offer live musicians to compliment the original recordings which has been an extremely popular choice for events lately for those looking to stay away from a traditional DJ event.

So once you decide if you want a DJ or a Band, now what? 


Experience and reputation is everything. 

This is a small localized specific industry, bandleaders and DJs mostly all know each other and you can also tell a lot from the names that will frequently come up as the good ones and the ones that frequently come up as bad or inconsistent.

Ask your Caterer, Photographer, Video Photographer, your friends, co-workers, and family if they have heard of a band or DJ they can recommend.   To me, this is the best and most organic way of finding your professionals.   If you have been in this industry successfully for a number of years it means something, BUT be sure to check and speak directly with the person who will be there on the day of your event.   which brings me to..


Make sure you get what you pay for.

If you deal with a sale representative, make sure to at the very least speak to your bandleader or DJ PRIOR to the day of your event,  Once you are at your event it is not really the best time to discuss the vision for your wedding nor do you want to be bothered at that time!  Take it as a flag from any company that does not allow you to talk to your DJ or bandleader prior to your event.   The truth is that many agencies selll you a band or DJ and then send whomever is available that night to your event and the musicians meet for the first time minutes before your wedding,  Personally I dont care how good of a musician they are they will not compare to a solid set band that performs together week after week. So make sure you speak to the band leader and ask about the musicians and the style of music they play and what their approach to your wedding will be.  Some entertainers will lay back and let an event happen, some work to make it happen. It is all about the passion behind it.   Find the bandleader and DJ that is passionate about their work and continues to maintain an excellent reputation and you will be sure to have a successful event   

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Katie Kerins