6 Tips for Choosing the Gown

Something I see a lot of Brides deal with on her Wedding day is a dress that is not comfortable, or it needs to held up constantly, or it is too long. It is a big deal to be uncomfortable on the biggest day of your life so here are a few tips to help you select the perfect dress!

1. Go with what you know

You know you love a halter look on you, then go with what you usually find flattering on you.  If you like cup sleeves then the same goes there.  Your personal style should reflect in the dress, going too far from your usual comfort zone can make the dress not feel like "home" especially after 12 hours in it.  The style you are used to will feel familiar and comfortable to you... go with that. 

2. The best length is a a dress you can dance in that ends exactly at the floor.  Any longer and you will trip over it every time you forget to grab the front of the gown.

dress 1.jpg

3. Same length goes for the bustle, having something hang behind you while you are dancing will cause people to step on it all night and I have seen many brides get snagged and jostled from someone stepping on her dress. Also, Bustle the dress prior to the start of the reception.    it can take 20 minutes out of a 4 hour reception to button it up, so either practice bustleing the dress prior to the big day or do it during the Cocktail Hour.

4. When you first put on the dress does it bother you in ANY way?  Do those straps itch AT ALL?  Do they dig into your shoulders AT ALL  If so, then they will torture you after many hours  wearing it so scan yourself in the dress and see how soft the interior of it is. Is the material hard and scratchy on your legs?  Is there a seam on your hips that rubs on your skin? 

Katie Kerins